Value My House – Canberra

The value of a house is determined by a variety of factors. A large one being the quality and accessibility of education in the city, or town that the house is located in. Educational institutions throughout the city of Canberra have been regarded as some of the top academic institutions in the country. In recent years there has been a change in the amount of schools that the city is home to. This is partially due to the budget cuts that have impacted schools everywhere. School closures aside, the schools have become known for their excellent academics and quality of student life. These are both huge factors for parents looking to move to Canberra, and have increased the value of houses throughout the city greatly.

The more suburban areas of the city have been planned to include both a preschool, and an elementary school, In addition, city designers have tried to build these intuitions close to additional recreational space, and programs. While Canberra has become known for its excellent schools and the impact that they have made on the value of houses in the area, the city is also making a name for itself through its many recreational opportunities. The city is home to multiple recreational and community centers, that provide opportunities for residents to become more involved in their community through the dance, yoga, and fitness classes; the house league sports teams, including basketball, netball, and rugby; as well as many volunteer opportunities.

These centers have done wonders not only for the value of houses in the area, but for boosting neighbourhood moral, and creating safe, fun, and positive activities for the youth of Canberra. Designing the suburbs to include these recreational spaces means also designing them to include outdoor spaces, such as soccer and football fields, basketball courts, community pools, baseball diamonds, and playgrounds. The increased value of houses in the suburbs of Canberra has had a direct correlation with the implementation of the schools, and recreational areas. The value of houses that are further out from the main part of the city are generally valued at less than houses right downtown, while there is still a noticeable difference, the gap between the suburbs of Canberra and the downtown core is beginning to close somewhat, because of the way that these suburbs have been designed.

For many parents the quality of and accessibility to excellent education is one of the primary factors in why a house is chosen where it is, specific school districts are commonly worth more because of that. The schools that are located in the suburbs of Canberra fall in that in-demand category. Even though the suburbs offer residents these wonderful schools and recreational areas, the value of houses further in towards the city center is still higher. Although the gap is closing, the numerous amenities that the city offers its residents cannot be denied. For example, the many additional learning opportunities such as libraries, museums, events, festivals, and volunteer opportunities are undeniable. Add that to the fact that the schools in the heart of the city are, for the most part, more established, and just as well, if not more well known for their excellent academics,  and appeal for families to live right downtown is obvious.

This, in addition to the fact that there are many more jobs in the downtown core than out in the suburbs for residents, as well as many more networking opportunities, and the city has excellent offerings for every member of the family. Taking all of these factors into consideration it is no wonder that so many families jump at the opportunity to live in the city, regardless of the increase housing value. The city of Canberra has a lot to offer anyone looking to move there. With an average age of 34, the city is home to many young families and professionals, and the housing market reflects that. The value of homes in the city continues to be on the rise because of the wonderful opportunities and amenities that the city has to offer, both in the downtown core and the suburbs.


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