Value My House – Central Coast

When trying to determine the value of your house, it is important to understand that there are many factors outside of the actual building and lot in question that will impact the answer that you get. One of the big factors is the infrastructure of the city in which your house is located. Residents in the Central Coast have benefited from the excellent local infrastructure when it comes to determining the value of houses. Infrastructure can be made up of many things, in this case we will be looking at the health care, and transit that keep the Central Coast running smoothly.

When trying to determine the value of a house in the Central Coast the strength of the local infrastructure cannot be ignored. In terms of health care, the Central Coast has two large public hospitals. The first is Wyong Hospital, it is home to 274 beds, and is located at Kanwal, the second large, public hospital is Gosford Hospital which is the largest, and is home to over 450 beds. In addition to these large, public hospitals the Central Coast is also home to several private hospitals including: Gosford Private Hospital, which is located at North Gosford; Berkeley Vale Private; and Brisbane Waters Private Hospital that is located in Woy Woy. In addition the area has over 5 ambulance stations on the Central Coast, these are located at Wyong, Toukley, Bateau Bay, Doyalson, Point Clare, and Ettalong. The area is also home to over 20 aged care facilities. The recognized, and acclaimed health care services that the Central Coast offers its residents is a highly attractive feature to perspective home buyers. For anyone looking to have someone determine the value of their house, this health care system that the Central Coast has developed and put in place will greatly impact those results, and in a positive way.

In terms of transit, living in an area that has a strong public transit system is a huge factor for a lot of people. Having a strong public transit system allows for residents to not necessarily need to drive to work every day, or even own a car if the transit system is strong enough. A sure sign of a developed city that is looking to increase its population is a city with a strongly developed public transit system. What the Central Coast has, is a transit system that has been under scrutiny, and continuously developing over the past two decades. Locals of the area have the option to either drive, or use the bus or rail public transit options. The Central Coast also has a great deal of taxis operating in the area. Because the public transit has been under scrutiny it has had a lot of positive changes made to it over the years, allowing residents who live close enough into the major urban areas not to need to necessarily drive to work every day. Having this option is a benefit to residents for many numerous reasons including the fact that it saves money on either owing or putting regular miles on a car, and that it is better for the environment. The transit system throughout the Central Coast is also a benefit to anyone looking to have the value of their house determined.

If you are looking to have the value of your house determined it is a great idea to take a good look at the infrastructure within your city. This is something that you do not have any control over, but that will definitely impact the value of your house. In addition to the health care and the public transit of a city, things like the employment rate, and educational opportunities will also impact the determining of the value of your house.


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