Value My House – Darwin

The educational opportunities that a city offers its residents is one of the most influential factors for potential home buyers. Also making it, one of the most influential factors when determining the value of your house.

Darwin consists of multiple private and public schools that cater to the needs of both local and international students. With over 16,000 students, it is no wonder that the amount of schools, and the demand for quality academics in them is continuously growing. At the moment, the city is home to over 6,100 students attending preschool and elementary school; over 3,700 students attending publicly funded secondary schools, in addition to these publicly funded institutions, the city is home to over 1,110 students attending independent schools, and over 7,200 students enrolled in government funded schools. In terms of religion in the classroom, the city remain primarily secular in terms of education. However, there are a few private schools that are based in religious teachings, primarily Lutheran, Catholic, and Christian.

The fact that the city consists a number of educational institutions in both the secular and the religious spheres is something that many parents find attractive. Deciding whether to send your child to a school that focuses solely on the curriculum, and does not incorporate any mention of any religious thought or belief; Or you send them to an institution that instills the core beliefs of your faith throughout their educational journey is a personal decision. However, it is not a decision that everyone has the opportunity to make. For those who wish to send their children to a school that does focus on their faith, and the development of that alongside their academics having the opportunity to do so, and freely is something that does not come easy in a lot of locations. Factors such as these increase the demand for real estate in the city, and increase the value of houses.

Darwin is not just home to a number of elementary and secondary schools, the city is also home to post-secondary institutions, including an institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and the city’s largest University Charles Darwin University, which has become the largest post-secondary institution in the Northern Territory. These schools welcome thousands of students every year, and make a huge impact on the local economy.

Having so many educational institutions is without a doubt one of the biggest factors to determining the value of a house, (a side from the house itself). Parents want to provide their children with every advantage that they can in life; And one of the best advantages that can be offered is a great education. Housing values reflect the fact that Darwin has a continuously growing population, and is in demand – partially because of the wonderful educational opportunities that it offers.

Educational opportunities aside, the value of a house in Darwin is also impacted by the career opportunities that the city has to offer. Aside from the main industries of mining, tourism, military, and the developing port, the multitude of schools that have been built in this city have added hundreds of jobs in a variety of fields. These jobs include teaching, administration, technical support, janitorial, and culinary. When it comes down to it one of the reasons that location is such a huge factor in the value of a house is because different cities offer different things to it’s residents. The schools that have been built in Darwin offer not only wonderful and impressive educational opportunities, but numerous employment opportunities as well, helping to increase the value of houses throughout.


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