Value My House – Geelong

Aside from employment opportunities and the economy, few outside factors can impact the value of a house the way that the nearby educational opportunities can. Residents of Geelong have been experiencing the benefits of having numerous as well as highly acclaimed schools in their city through the value of their homes for years.

The city of Geelong is in the district for many private and public schools. Because of how attractive the city of Geelong is to international students and residents the schools cater to students both local and overseas students. In total the schools in Geelong serve more than 45,000 residents just at the primary and secondary levels. The city is home to almost an additional 30,000 students who are studying at the post-secondary levels. The city of Geelong is home to some extremely well-known and highly respected schools including The Geelong Grammar School, and The Geelong College – both of which are private schools, as well as The Gordon Institute of TAFE, and The Geelong High School – which is also, the oldest state secondary school in Victoria, and has been serving students in the area for over 100 years.

For residents looking to understand what the value of their house is, they should take some time to think about the quality of life that they experience living in the city of Geelong. With job, and educational opportunities such as these the city itself has become a pretty great place to live. Not only do residents have these opportunities available to them, but the city has also promoted recreational activities that take place throughout the city, whether in the form of taking a class, joining a house league, or perhaps volunteering to coach a team, the educational opportunities in Geelong do not only take place in the classroom. In fact, the city has developed a number of events and festivals to promote and support some of the local recreational teams and clubs, some of the more notable include: The Offshore Festival, The Poppykettle Festival, The Queens Cliff Music Festival, The Meredith Music Festival, The Gala Day Parade and the Victoria Geelong Exhibition.

Having such wonderful educational opportunities has benefited the residents of Geelong’s Value of Housing in many ways. Aside from providing the children of the city with excellent educations and extracurricular activities, these educational opportunities have also brought in a plethora of job opportunities, which have increased the already impressive demand for real estate already established from the schools. The job opportunities that the schools have brought to the city impact a wide variety of industries such as culinary arts, sciences, education, health care, engineering and more. These job opportunities has made the city of Geelong even more of an attractive place for families and professionals alike to settle down.  As the city of Geelong has grown in attractiveness to potential home buyers the demand for real estate has continued to grow. The value of resident’s houses has grown noticeably over the last few years, and as more schools, and job opportunities are developed the higher the value of houses will increase.

There are few things more important when purchasing a home than the educational opportunities that are close by, parents want to provide for their children the very best in everything, and education is certainly not an exception, for potential buyers without children cities that are home to a lot of families tend to have stronger economies, and often mean that business owners have more potential customers. Residents looking for someone to determine the value of their house can get a good idea of what their property is worth by looking at these opportunities and the economy as these factors are some of the most influential when determining the value of a house.


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