Value My House – Gold Coast

In many ways, the value of a house is determined by the amount of opportunities that the city in which the house is located has to offer residents. These are not only educational and employment opportunities, but opportunities to get involved in the city through various events and festivals. These events and festivals not only provide people the chance to gain experience outside of the classroom, but to also experience the event or festival as a form of entertainment, that differs from their everyday routine.

The Gold Coast is home to a number of events and festivals that are held throughout the year. Some of the most popular events and festivals held throughout the city are: The Wintersun Festival (also known as Cooly Rocks On) is held. This is a two week festival that is held every June. It is filled with free entertainment and attractions celebrating the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Gold Coast Marathon is held every July, and welcomes more than 25,000 tourists from around the world. The Gold Coast Marathon is also the largest annual community sporting event held on the entire Gold Cast. The Gold Coast 600 (previously known as Lexmark Indy 300) is a racing event held every October. In addition to these popular events, the Gold Coast is also home to The Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and the Challenge Gold Coast Triathlon.

The Gold Coast is very much a city that enjoys and is passionate about its sporting events. Being the host city to so many events has made the value of houses increase for a multitude of reasons including the opportunities for employment, and volunteering.

The amount of events that a city plays host to makes a huge impact on the value of houses there. One of the main reasons why this is, is that these events create employment opportunities for residents. People do not want to move to a city that does not have job opportunities. Everyone needs to work, and when a city has very few opportunities for employment, the demand for housing in that city decline rapidly. The same can be said for the opposite, when a city has lots of job and networking opportunities, the city is often in demand, which causes the value of houses to go up.

Events such as these are also wonderful opportunities for people of all ages to get involved through volunteering. Volunteering provides those who do it with so much, from a resume boost, to new skills, to the chance to meet some of their idols and be a part of something that they are passionate about. For parents, city’s that host events such as these, which welcome volunteers are highly popular. Children of all ages benefit from volunteering, and in many cases are required to complete so many volunteer hours throughout their high school career. Similarly to the way that parents will often pay more for their children to be in their ideal school district, the value of houses that parents will pay for in order to provide opportunities such as these to their children are higher as well.

The value of houses in the Gold Coast really do vary and depend on several things. One big thing to remember is that events such as the ones described above provide much more than simply a source of entertainment, but also opportunities. In addition to the opportunities that have been discussed here, events such as these give people the opportunity to see their city in a new light, and to learn more about what makes their city so impressive.


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