Value My House – Hobart

Determined by multiple factors, the value of your house is an important thing to be aware of, if for no other reason, than the fact that real estate is one of, if not the largest investment that you will ever make. Whether this is your first home, or fourth, weather it is your own personal family home, or an investment property, the value of the house is not only something that you be keeping an eye on, and something that you should know changes, and why that is. One factor that impacts the changing value of a house is the demographics and how multi-cultural the city in which it is located is. The demographics of a city does not only include the ethnic backgrounds of residents, but also many careers, income levels, and religions of its citizens.

The greater area of the city of Hobart is home to over 210,000 residents, and almost 20% of those residents were actually born overseas. Because the city of Hobart is home to so many people of different ethnic backgrounds, including Chinese, Filipino, Canadian, and British, the city is regarded as a great place for people to consider living if moving internationally. This multiculturalism is a great benefit to the value of houses because of the demand that gets placed on the need for additional real estate. Having a demand for real estate means that the houses that are for sale in the city are more valuable, and therefore sold at a premium. Because there are so many different ethnic backgrounds within the city, there are also a variety of popular religions as well. Some of the most popular religions for residents of Hobart include: Presbyterian, Reformed, Jewish, Islamic, and Anglican.

As stated before, the demographics that impact the value of a house does not simply mean various ethnic backgrounds of residents but so much more. Hobart is a city popular for its many employment opportunities, and industries. Some of the most common industries and occupations of residents include: personal service workers, health care professionals, educational professionals, administrative workers, and trade workers. Although there are many jobs, and a variety of popular industries throughout the city, the average weekly household income is significantly lower than the national average, coming in around $880; Where are the national average is approximately $1,400.00 The financial demographics in Hobart are similar to many other locations. With specific neighbourhoods being known as being home to residents who are better off than residents of others.

The value of houses within Hobart are impacted by the demographics and the many different cultures that the city is home to. City’s such as Hobart that are made up of such a multicultural population are often viewed as being more welcoming, and accepting, making them far more attractive than cities that do not have so many different cultures living there. Cities like Hobart tend to not only have a higher demand for real estate, but also a stronger tourism industry. With so many different backgrounds living and worshiping there, often the concern of precious, or hateful treatment for people of ethnic minorities is decreased, and the appeal of the city itself for either a vacation or a more permanent move is increased.

When looking at buying a new house, or moving to a new city, many people do not consider the demographics and how it will influence the value of the house that they are considering buying. These demographics will not only impact the value of the house, but also the community, and neighbourhood that you and your family will be living in, making this one of the more important factors to keep in mind.


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