Value My House – Launceston

To a lot of people, living in a major city like Launceston means that you are able to take advantage of the many amenities that it offers. One of the primary amenities that major cities like Launceston offer is public transit. When trying to find out the value of your house, the public transit that the city that you live in has is a factor that cannot be ignored.

The car is by far the most dominant form of transportation in the city of Launceston. With the city being home to many one way streets, and highways. Because of its central location, the city of Launceston is the hub of five of the state of Tasmania’s major highways, these are: The Bass Highway, The Midland Highway, The West Tamar Highway, and the East Tamar Highway.  Since February 1998, Launceston has been serviced by the Tasmanian government-owned and operated public bus service named, Metro Tasmania. Metro Tasmania is not the only public transit that services the city of Launceston however, Redline offers school services and travels to many destinations across the state of Tasmania. In addition, the city of Launceston is also served by the small curfew-free Launceston Airport, which is located approximately 15 km (9.3 miles) south-east of the city. The Launceston Airport operates 365 days a year, and serves over 1 million people annually.

For residents of Launceston that are trying to determine the value of their house they ought to consider how easily they access the public transit. Generally residents that are able to access public transit either have to sit through a long commute, or they live right in the heart of the city. Living in the heart of the city is key factor to having a higher market value. Houses that are further out do not necessary have the same access to the mean amenities that major cities like Launceston offer, including public transit. While currently public transit is not the most popular way of travel throughout Launceston, it is gaining popularity from more and more people being drawn to the fact that they are able to help the environment without really going out of there way, and while actually saving money. For many people being able to save money on either using their car on a daily basis, or owning one at all is a huge benefit, and one that would push them to purchase a home closer to that amenity.

This is another reason as to why homeowners who live close to their local public transit tend to have higher valued houses. For residents that are trying to determine the value of their house, but do not live close to public transit the reality is that the value of your home without that amenity there to boost the price.  This factor will impact some perspective buyers more than others, however it is important to remember that not living in the heart of the city can have some benefits as well. One of these benefits is that generally the houses in these suburban or rural areas are bigger, and sit on larger, more private lots. The value of houses in these areas is lower than the value of houses right downtown, however, this can make suburban living even more ideal for some people. For many families the idea of living in a larger home that sits on a nice big and private lot is very attractive, and it generally costs a noticeably lower amount as well. The reality is that the more amenities that you live by, the higher that the monetary value of your home will be.


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