Value My House – Newcastle

The value of your house is an important thing to be aware of, if for no other reason, than the fact that real estate is one of, if not the largest investment that you will ever make. Surprisingly to many people, the value of your house is determined by a number of factors, some of which are, and some of which are not in your control. Regardless of whether this is your first home or not, weather it is your own personal family home, or an investment property, the value of the house is not only something that you be keeping an eye on, and something that you should know changes, and why that is. One important factor that impacts the changing value of a house is the demographics of the city in which it is located is.

Many people to not realize the way that the demographics are interconnected, and the way that they all drive the development of other areas. For example, the city of Newcastle is home to over 300,000 residents, and many of these residents (approximately 22%) were born overseas. Because the city of Newcastle is home to so many people of different ethnic backgrounds, including Irish, British, French, Chinese, Indian, Polish, Filipino, American, and British, the city is regarded as a great place for people to consider living if moving internationally. This multiculturalism is a great benefit to the value of houses because of the demand that gets placed on the need for additional real estate. Having a demand for real estate means that the houses that are for sale in the city are more valuable, and therefore sold at a premium. Because there are so many different ethnic backgrounds within the city, there are also a variety of popular religions as well. Some of the most popular religions for residents of Newcastle include: Jewish, Islamic, Catholic, and Anglican.

The value of houses within Newcastle are impacted by the demographics and the many different cultures that the city is home to. City’s such as Newcastle that are made up of such a multicultural population are often viewed as being more welcoming, and accepting, making them far more attractive than cities that do not have so many different cultures living there. Cities like Newcastle tend to not only have a higher demand for real estate, but also a stronger tourism industry. With so many different backgrounds living and worshiping there, often the concern of precious, or hateful treatment for people of ethnic minorities is reduced. The value of houses in Newcastle greatly reflects the way in which the demographics of the city are laid out, because of there being so many different ethnic backgrounds, the city is home to a number of different religious places of worship. Similarly, there is also a wide variety of schools from private to independently run, to faith centered to help parents of various backgrounds find the best school for their child.

When looking at buying a new house, or moving to a new city, many people do not consider the demographics and how it will influence the value of the house that they are considering buying. This is surprising when you consider how much the demographics of a city influence the way of life or its residents. For example, cities who have a demographic of most residents having a higher education tend to have higher paying jobs throughout the city and therefore is a much more attractive city to many perspective buyers. Many people do not realize the way that having a multi-cultural community impacts everything from the value of houses, to the amount of educational and cultural opportunities that there are in a city. However, these opportunities are often key factors as to why these cities are the ones that have the highest demand for real estate, and the more valuable houses.


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