Value my House – Perth

The climate of where you live is one of those factors that impacts that value of your house that is often not thought about when preparing to put your house up for sale. Houses in the city of Perth benefit somewhat from the city’s climate because of the overall mildness, and lack of dramatic or dangerous changes. The value of houses in Perth are not impacted in a negative way because the weather that the city experiences is easy to live in, and do not pose any real threats.

The city of Perth is the fourth wettest Australian capital city following the cities Brisbane, Darwin, and Sydney. The city experiences hot and dry summers that last from December to the end of March. Although fairly dry, the summer months do have sporadic rainfall and short storms. The city also experiences minor cold fronts, and once in a while has to deal with decaying tropical cyclones that come from Western Australia’s north-west. The summer months also bring beautiful sea breezes that provide relief from the heat.  During the winter months, the city of Perth experiences a great deal of precipitation.  Although Perth experiences a great deal of precipitation throughout the winter months, the city rarely experiences cold enough temperatures to experience frost.

Because the city has this kind of climate, the value of houses in Perth have benefited greatly. People looking to move to locations that provide their families a safe, and enjoyable way of living. Although the city does experience decaying tropical cyclones they are not a regular issue that has to be dealt with annually. The general mild and manageable weather that the city of Perth experiences can actually add value to houses in Perth. The Value of a home in Perth is increased because of the activities and benefits that this sort of climate can bring.

Because of the climate that the city of Perth is located in, and the city’s geographical location, the city has excellent access to water, with two river ways running through the city. These water ways provide both industry, and activities such as swimming, and scuba diving. Living such a climate, the value of houses within the city increase. If when looking at a potential home, you are not looking specifically at the climate of the city that you are consider, you will be at least looking at what activities can be done there, that cannot be done in all other locations. Thee unique activities, are other, more obvious factors that impact the value of houses. Without knowing it you are taking the climate into consideration.

The climate of a city can also impact the employment opportunities that a city can offer its residents. In order for industries such as agriculture, and tourism to thrive the city needs to be located within the right kind of climate. The value of houses in Perth reflect the mild and generally enjoyable climate that the city is exposed to. Although agriculture is not one of the thriving industries that the city has, tourism, the service industry, education, niche ship manufacturing, and retail are. These industries have developed over time, and have benefitted from the climate in terms of having access to the flowing rivers all year long, and welcoming over 2 million tourists to the city every year.

The value of houses in Perth have become more and more impressive as the city continues to develop and flourish. Although climates change, the current climate in which residents have become accustomed to seems to be benefiting the residents, the industries, and the value of houses more and more every year.


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