Value my House – Sunshine Coast

The geographical location of a home is a huge selling point, and something that has to be considered whether you are buying a house, or putting yours on the market. Realistically, if you are selling your home there is nothing that you can do to change the location of the house itself, however, it is a good idea to understand how your house’s geographical location will impact the value of your house.

If you were to ask a real estate professional to give you the value of your house, one of the first things that they would consider is where it is. This includes where it is in relation to urban areas, but also bigger amenities such as beaches, landmarks, and national parks. Areas that have these unique amenities have a certain appeal to home buyers, while it is nice to be close to amenities like shopping, public transit, and great food, these other kinds of amenities set a location apart. Real estate along the Sunshine Coast has benefited from this quite a bit, and has seen the value of houses increase because of it.  Here is a look at some of the unique amenities that the Sunshine Coast has to offer:


The Sunshine Coast has several beautiful stretches of picturesque unbroken beaches. These include: Noosa Main Beach, Kawana Waters, as well as Kings Beach in Caloundra, Coolum, Maroochydore, and Alexandra Headland.

National Parks

The Sunshine Coast is home to more national parks than any other area in Queensland. With five individual national parks along the Coast. These parks include: Great Sandy National Park, Mapleton Falls National Park, Kondalilla National Park, Noosa National Park, and The Glass House Mountains National Park.

Having such stand out beaches and multiple national parks has cause the value of houses along the Sunshine Coast to increase, but this is not only because of the major appeal that these unique amenities offer residents, but also for the thriving tourism industry that they have helped to create. Tourism is one of the most dominant and thriving industries within the Sunshine Coast, in large part thanks to the appeal of the stretches of unbroken beach and the national parks that the Sunshine Coast is home to. The tourism industry is also a great appeal for perspective home buyers because of the jobs that it brings to the area. Unlike some other industries, the tourism industry is actually made up of, and relies on other industries, such as: engineering, law enforcement, public administration, event management, health care, environmental services, science and technology, the culinary arts, and hotel management among others. For many people, if the unique and beautiful amenities described above were not enough to attract them to the Sunshine Coast, the job opportunities are.

Residents looking to understand the value of their house ought to keep these things in mind. These job opportunities combined with the beaches, and national parks have created a huge demand for real estate in and along the Sunshine Coast. An important thing to remember when it comes to the value of a house is that the location is something that cannot be changed. Being able to purchase a house in an area such as this, adds value to your house that will benefit you down the line. For perspective buyers it is important to be aware of the impact that these unique and wonderful amenities, combined with the job opportunities that the area offers will have on the value of houses. Remember, that when you are buying a house, you are also paying for the location as well.


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