Value My House – Toowoomba

For most people, one thing that they look into prior to buying a piece of real estate is the local health care. This is because everyone needs to see a Doctor at some point, and everyone has to deal with health concerns either for themselves, or their loved ones. But why is it so important for people that are putting their homes on the market to be aware and realistic about the local health care options, and how it will impact the value of their house?

Take a look at the city of Toowoomba, home to over 113,000 people, the city of Toowoomba is serviced by four hospitals: St. Vincent’s Hospitals and St. Andrews Toowoomba Hospitals which are both private; and Toowoomba Base Hospital, which is the only public hospital in the city of Toowoomba; and a Psychiatric Hospital called Baillie Henderson Hospital. The city is also home to the Toowoomba Hospice Center which is a community based private health care facility that has set out to provide terminally ill patients with palliative care. The city of Toowoomba is home to a decent size population that is continuously growing, and developing, in part because of the excellent hospitals and health care options that the city has for its residents.

For residents of cities that do not have as many, or as high of quality health care options the value of houses is not the same. People want to move to cities that they feel safe, and that they know are going to be able to provide for them and their families should a health concern arise. Cities like Toowoomba that have these options and that have put proper funding into the development and purchasing of state-of-the-art equipment benefit from it in different ways and in different times.

In addition to attracting perspective homeowners and residents to the city with the high quality of health care options, having these also helps to create job opportunities – and job opportunities combined with great health care makes a city extremely popular with perspective homeowners of all ages. With every hospital, or health care facility opened, more and more jobs have to be created in order for it to run smoothly.  Jobs not only in health care, but supportive roles as well such as janitorial staff, administration, security and culinary arts.  New jobs are one of if not the most dominant way to attract new people to a city. People need to work, and they need to know that their local economy is strong and continuously developing, and evolving to provide better lives for local residents.

Because the city has a strong economy has a good health care system in place, and it has jobs being created to help support the city, Toowoomba is benefiting greatly. Home to numerous health care facilities, the city has been experiencing steady growth and a strong increase in the value of housing alongside it.

The amount and quality of health care that a city has is not something that impacts this person or that person, it is something that impacts everyone in and around the city. The value of houses reflects a strong health care system, and is impacted by the quality of care that patients tend to receive while at these facilities. While by no means is health care the only factor to consider, because it will for sure, impact you and your family in some way, at some point, making sure you are purchasing in an area that has a strong health care system is important. For residents looking to sell their home, if you live in a city like Toowoomba that has a strong health care system the value of your house will increase noticeably.


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