Value My House – Townsville

For homeowners, understanding the value of your house is necessary. It is necessary because of the huge investment that real estate is, and the way that its value is influenced by so many different factors. One of the most influential factors in the value of a house is the local economy of where the house is located. For residents of Townsville who are asking, “What is the value of my house?” there is good news, the local economy of Townsville is strong, and thriving in many ways, benefitting the housing market, and increasing the value of houses there.

Unlike some other cities the city of Townsville is home to several strong industries that have impacted the quality for residents to a great extent. In terms of job opportunities, the city of Townsville has done a great job of making sure that there are many well-paying employment opportunities. This has been true for years now, including in 2008 when the national unemployment rate increased by approximately 100,000 workers. Even at that time, the city had jobs available in industries such as hospitality, administration, sales, engineering, as well as in the trades. In addition to priding themselves on the employment opportunities that have been produced regularly, the city of Townsville also has its own manufacturing and processing industries, and is actually the only city in the world to refine three different base metals – Nickel, Zinc and Copper.  Townsville also has numerous larger scale public assets including The RAAF Base Townsville, The Large Army Base at Lavarack Barracks, James Cook University, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and The Australian Institute of Marine Science Headquarters. Because of the unique geographical location of Townsville, the tourism industry has been, and continues to boom. Being located in such great proximity to The Great Barrier Reef, the city has become popular for tourists, and scientists a like. The city is also extremely popular among backpackers traveling across the county as well.

With such strong industries, Townsville really does stand out from many other cities and communities. For perspective buyers, the city is extremely appealing for this very fact, people need to work, and people want to work at decent paying jobs that are secure. For peace of mind, many people prefer to live in locations like Townsville where there seems to be a steady supply of jobs, so that if anything were to happen with their current employment they would have options. These job opportunities are amazing attributes to the value of houses in the city, and have created a real demand for nearby real estate. With so many strong and thriving industries, it is no wonder that this is happening, with people of various skills, and educational backgrounds being able to find work.

For residents of Townsville who are asking “What is the value of my house?” the good news is that with such a strong economy, the city is only becoming more, and more appealing to perspective home buyers. The demand for real estate seems to be growing steadily, and the many numerous primary industries that the city has are all doing well and thriving. The value of houses in cities such as Townsville are noticeably different than the value of houses in other areas without these employment opportunities. People looking to purchase homes here are doing so for a reason. A strong economy means that the quality of life is good, and continues to evolve. Even when other areas of the country have had to deal with dramatic unemployment rates the city of Townsville managed to welcome more new residents, and create new jobs, this sort of resilience sets Townsville and the value of its houses out from the rest.


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