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Most people take some time to come to the decision that they would be prepared to sell their valuable house in a desirable and upmarket area in the booming capital cities.

The process usually starts with research about the value of my house and then progresses to , if I sold where would I want to go.

So, confronted with these questions the owner nowadays has the opportunity to access a comprehensive on line house value service which is usually free.  www.homevaluationguide.net.au is one of the more widely used.

In the past, the owner either got in the real estate agent and got them to value their house and then took the 7 persistent phone calls to follow asking for a listing. Or they engaged a registered valuer.  A valuer can be quite expensive and usually charges a percentage of the house valuation. There is no guarantee that the valuation will be very accurate.

So much detailed data about property sales and markets values is captured through various real estate websites that arriving at a fairly precise answer to the question, “value my house please” is readily available.

It is not just cheap, it is free.

The owners today are in the  fortunate position of being able to spend just 5 or 10 minutes on an online house valuation website and bang, the report is generated and the decision to sell or stay can be made.

Then it is decision time.

Armed with the valuation report , and the decision made that you will sell , the final piece of information can really only come from the local property expert that has viewed hundreds of houses in your area. That person who is experienced and knows the area well will be able to answer the question about how to value my house.


No Cost to You

Our detailed, comprehensive guide is absolutely free.

Simple , Quick and Easy

A Simple Process that is quick to do, will have the report emailed to you straight away.

Accurate Comparative Valuations

The reports are generated by searching deep into real estate databases to pull together an accurate, up to date property overview.