What is My House Worth? – Bendigo

For many homeowners trying to determine what your house is worth does not usually result in a conversation about the local climate. However, maybe it should. Depending on where you live your local climate could be greatly reducing what your house is worth, simply because of the difficulties or dangers that it can bring.

Residents in Bendigo for example are home to what is called an oceanic climate, meaning that is a typically quite mild and dry with cooler winters and hot summers. Generally the city of Bendigo experiences its highest temperatures during the beginning and the end of the year, with reasonably mild temperatures making up the rest of the time. The highest temperature recorded took place on January 14, 1962, when temperatures hit 47.4 °C (117.3 °F). The lowest temperature ever recorded took place during the month of September and temperatures dropped to -5.5°C (22.1°F). Although the city experiences fairly mild temperatures throughout the year, the city of Bendigo has had to endure some extremely bad, and at times dangerous weather as well. Some of the most notable dangerous weather events that the city of Bendigo has been though include:

  • The city of Bendigo occurred a series of great floods back in 1859, and endured additional flooding in 1903. The city had to endure additional severe flooding during both March and September of 2010.
  • Between the years of 2006 and 2010 the city of Bendigo was in a severe drought. It was during this time that the city ended up having some of the most severe water restrictions in the country. The drought ended water heavy rains refilled many of the reservoirs towards the middle of 2010.
  • Although rare, the city has been hit by numerous tornados in the past, including as recently as 2003.

Although none of these sever weather events have become regular occurrences they are things that come to mind for some people when the idea of moving to Bendigo comes up. Luckily, that is only for a small percentage of people, and the city overall has seen a steady increase in population over recent years. This increase is in part to the tourism industry that the city has created surrounding the mild climate that it is in. What houses are worth in the city has been impacted in the best way possible though the landmarks, events, and jobs that have come about because of the tourism industry. The job opportunities especially have helped to create a demand for real estate in and around Bendigo, increasing what houses are worth. Cities that have a strong industry such as tourism, and have new jobs being developed on even a somewhat regular basis are able to create a higher demand for real estate than cities that do not.

If you are a homeowner who is wondering what their house is worth, although it might not be your first instinct to do so, consider taking a good look at your local climate and how it is impacting the quality of life that you and other residents live. Do you live in a safe and mild climate, or does the weather reach to one extreme or another? Does the city that you live in experience dangerous weather or is it for the most part mild and safe? People want to live in areas that they know are safe, and while with climate there is never any guarantee that you will not be hit by a severe storm, most people like to bet with the odds, and invest in real estate in areas like Bendigo, where the climate seems to benefit the resident’s quality of life.



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