What is My House Worth – Brisbane

When you are considering moving, or looking at doing possible renovations it is important to ask “What is my house worth?” and to look at it from various perspectives. One perspective that a lot of people do not think to look at is from a weather and natural disaster perspective. However, what a lot of people do not know is that these factors can impact the answer of “what is my house worth” in several ways.

The overall climate within the city is subtropical. Residents of the city are used to the hot and humid summers, and are often filled with thunderstorms. When looking to live in an urban setting, that is filled with sunshine, and warm weather all year long, many people opt for Brisbane. For many people, the thunderstorms are a small price to pay for all of the additional amenities that the city has to offer.

Since 1864 the residents of Brisbane have had to deal with over 5 major floods, including as recently as 2013. The location of these floods, both recent and past impact the answer of, “what is my house worth?” greatly. When you own a house in an area that is known for natural disasters such as flooding, there definitely a concern for anyone considering buying it. This concern grows depending on how often, and how recent the disasters) happen.

When asking what your home in Brisbane is worth, these floods definitely impact what houses are worth.Brisbane is built on a floodplain, and is a part of a subtropical climate.

Because of this, the city is in an area vulnerable to flooding, and tropical storms. These floods and storms are common enough that residents of Brisbane have become aware of how to prepare and handle situations and storms as they arise. The Brisbane City Council has taken it upon itself to help to educate residents about the dangers of these storms and floods. Offering lots of information on their website, the council does their best to provide everyone in the city with as much information as possible regarding safety for both their homes, and their businesses. Having these safeguards in place does help residents in terms of feeling more confident in their decision to stay in the city even with the flood and storm warnings. While this information is incredibly useful, and necessary, it does not actually help to increase what homes in Brisbane are worth.

If your home has been built, or renovated to help it withstand the effects of any potential floods or storms, this might impact what your home is worth in a positive way. On the city council website, there is information regarding how to protect your home in various ways from potential natural disasters, and the impacts that the weather can have on the foundation. What your home is worth will be increased based on what is done, the quality of work that has been done, and how recently the work has been completed.

Although the city of Brisbane is located in a very vulnerable area, and extremely susceptible these storms and flooding, the city has so much to offer that many people do not allow these concerns to dominate their decision when deciding whether or not to live there. So it is important to note when trying to figure out what your home is worth, that while this will impact the value of your home, it will by no means be a deciding factor to the average homebuyer, and will only reduce the worth of your home by so much.



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