What is My House Worth? – Cairns

When people are looking to purchase a new piece of real estate there are many factors that impact their decision, and thus, impact just how in demand certain houses are what certain houses are worth. With more, and more people looking at real estate as an investment either as a property to rent out, or to simply put towards their future, what houses are worth is becoming an increasingly popular topic of conversation. One factor that greatly impacts what houses are worth is the educational opportunities that are nearby. For residents in Cairns, the educational opportunities that have developed throughout the city have allowed it to stand out among other cities, and has led to an increase in what houses throughout Cairns are worth.

The city of Cairns has a number of primary and secondary schools including some from each of the public and private systems that operate throughout the state of Queensland. In terms of quantity, there are approximately 20 state primary schools as well as 16 state secondary schools that are operated by the Queensland state government Department of Education within the city of Cairns, including 6 schools in the predominantly rural areas south of Gordonvale. There are also Roman Catholic schools that are operated by Catholic Education Cairns. The Roman Catholic system encompasses approximately 19 primary schools, 6 secondary colleges and one P-12 college. Within the Roman Catholic School System, there are roughly about 6,700 primary students and 4,000 secondary students. The city of Cairns is also home to 3 independent schools: Freshwater Christian College, Peace Lutheran College, and Trinity Anglican School. In terms of post-secondary institutions is home to a School of the Airbase, a campus of James Cook University, a TAFE College, and a University Australia.

Having so many educational opportunities has also create a drive for more educational opportunities outside of the classroom, including cultural events, galleries, respective media outlets, as well educational school programs like cooperative education, work practicums, and internships. Cities that have so many different kinds of educational opportunities also offer resident another additional benefit that cities without these opportunities do not, and that is the increase of employment opportunities that are created by having so many of the institutions around. This is because with each school that is built new jobs are created, from administration, to education, culinary professionals, health care and janitorial staff, educational institutions are a great source of employment.

The question of “What is my house worth?” is definitely one that homeowners ask themselves on a fairly regular basis. Because of the size of investment that buying a house is, taking a look at factors such as the educational opportunities around is a necessary thing to do. Having these opportunities, and the benefits such as the opportunities for employment that they bring creates a demand for real estate in the city. This demand is crucial to what houses are worth. Without people wanting to live in a city, there is nothing driving up the price of the properties. Cities without educational opportunities such as these do not have the resources or opportunities to offer perspective residents and homebuyers. People want to invest their money in property that is located in a city that proves to be improving, growing, developing, and bettering the lives of its residents. Residents of cities, such as Cairns, that have these opportunities, are the cities that are getting the better answers to the question of, “What is my house worth?” cities that do not have these things to offer residents, can have a really difficult time trying to attract the amount of residents, and the residents that will help the city to grow through business, education, and development.



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