What is My House Worth – Canberra

The geography and climate of where a house is located can make a huge impact on how in demand the real estate is in that area, and what the houses are worth. If a house is located in a difficult area to live in geographically or in terms of climate, than what it is worth is going to be dramatically lower than in areas that are more urban, safe, and easy to live in.

The city of Canberra is located near the Brindabella Ranges, and is approximately 150 km inland from the east coast of Australia. The city covers about 814.2 square kilometers. The city sits at an elevation of 580 meters, at it’s highest point the city is at an elevated point of 888 m, this point is Mount Majura. Additional mountains throughout the city include, Black Mountain 812m, Mount Taylor 855 m, and Mount Ainslie 843 m. The geographical location of the city has made living in Canberra not only an easy thing to do, but safe. The environment is home to lots of lakes, forests, and plains, proving the natural resources that home buyers want. The beauty of this area, and the resources naturally available having made are factors as to what houses in Canberra are worth.

In addition the safety aspect of where a house is geographically located, another way that geography impacts what a house is worth in the city of Canberra is how easily accessible the house is. If the city does not have well maintained roads, or the house is further out, far from the city centre, then the house is not as accessible, and not as close to the amenities that probably attracted the potential buyers to the area anyway. What a house is worth is without a doubt heavily reliant on where is it located, and what it is close to. Houses that are located closer to things like the best schools, lots of recreational activities, festivals, public transit, shopping, and dining, are the properties that are becoming more, and more in demand.

What houses are worth are also impacted by the climate that the house is located in. For those located in Canberra, they have become accustomed to a fairly dry continental climate. This climate generally comes with moderate to cold winters that generally include regular fog, and frost. While the city centre does not generally get snow, the surrounding areas do, with the snow on the surrounding mountains visible from the heart of the city. In the summer, the residents experience hot and humid weather.  Because of the wonderful weather that the city experiences, the demand for real estate in the area is continuously growing.

Living in a climate that is extremely, or dangerously hot or cold, or a climate that has a tendency to create dangerous storms, causes a great reduction in what houses are worth. Generally, people want to live in a location is that is ideal for safe, and happy living all year long. This means that climates such as the continental climate of Canberra are ideal or most people. Although the temperature drops some in the winter months, the weather is not considered dangerous, with the city only getting frost. Even the surrounding areas that get snow are still mild enough to not be considered a  real concern.

It is because of these reasons that the climate and geographical location greatly impact what a house is worth. Buyers want to purchase a home in a location that will benefit and better their lives, housing in extremely cold, hot, or dangerous locations are just the opposite, and can be more dangerous than beneficial.



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