What is my House Worth – Central Coast

If you were living along the Central Coast, and you were to ask, “What is my house worth?” a real estate professional would be able to explain their answer based on multiple factors, one of them being that how far your house is from an urban area of the Central Coast will impact what your house is worth.

In recent years, the Central Coast has experienced a dramatic increase in suburban development. This is because the area along the Central Coast has become more, and more popular because of its many opportunities, commercial districts, and amenities. Like most major areas the answer to the question of, “What is my house worth?” is significantly lower in these suburban areas because of the distance between them and the busier urban areas. While living further out in these areas has its benefits, there are definite drawbacks to.

The benefits to living further out of the urban areas of the Central Coast, or any major area really, is that you tend to be able to stretch your money more. Generally houses and lots get bigger as you go further out. This can be a very attractive quality for families, or empty nesters who just want space to entertain garden, and enjoy. For many novice home buyers what houses are worth when located further out in the suburbs or even the rural areas can be quite a shock, when compared to what houses are worth closer to more urbanized areas.

The drawbacks of living further out are the amenities that you lose easy access to. Many people, professionals, families, and singles alike appreciate the fact that in many cases they are able to step outside of their front door and either walk, or hop on local public transit to either go to school, work, museums, concerts, shows, shopping, dining, or anywhere really. The reality is that when you are buying a house you are buying the location, and all that it has to offer – good and bad – as well. The amenities and nearby educational and employment opportunities that residents of the more centralized and urban areas have right there in their neighbourhood are simply not available out in the suburbs. Depending on how far out you live, public transit might not even run there, and in many cases if it does the public transit ends up running on a reduced schedule.

If you are trying to determine what your house is worth, or even if you are looking at a perspective new house, keep in mind the location, and how easily accessible amenities are to it. A great idea, is to keep an eye on areas that are set to have more amenities and developments added, and to consider purchasing there. Purchasing prior to these developments being built means that the price will be lower for you, however what your house will be worth will increase in time as these developments and plans come to life.

Determining what a house is worth does not have to be a scary, or overwhelming thing to do. While obviously having the right people helping you out is a key factor, knowing what factors impact what a house is worth is a great first step, whether you are buying or selling your home. Keep in mind that while urbanized areas do not provide the space that the suburbs do, they do provide more nearby opportunities in terms of volunteer, employment, and education. In addition, although you end up paying for more, in many cases you do not necessarily have to have, or use your car all the time because of the close by public transit.



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