What is My House Worth? – Gold Coast

What a house is worth is determined by much more than just the building and the lot in question. Surprisingly to many people, the climate of where the house is located plays a large role in determining what the house is actually worth.

The Gold Coast experiences what is called a humid subtropical climate. This means that the area experiences hot, humid summers, and warm winters. During the summer the Gold Coast experiences a great deal of rainfall. This rainfall can actually go on for weeks at a time, and has been the cause of some residents getting, “the summer blues”. The winter season is warm, and has very little rain. The winters that residents of this area experience have become known internationally, for the mild, and pleasant weather.

But how does the climate of a location impact what a house is worth? Generally, people will not pay a great deal, or even consider moving to, a location that is plagued by harsh, and dangerous weather. The weather experienced by residents and tourists of the Gold Coast has become so well known that some residents who have moved there internationally, credit the amazing climate as part of the reason for their deciding to move to the Gold Coast. It does not matter if you are looking internationally or nationally, the climate of the Gold Coast is impressive, the envied by many.

This climate also helps the tourism industry. Because the Gold Coast has enjoyable weather primarily, all year long, unlike other locations, the tourism industry within the Gold Coast is able to take advantage of that and welcome visitors 365 days a year. The tourism industry in the Gold Coast is the largest industry in the area, and generates over $2.5 billion dollars a year in revenue. The amount of tourists that the Gold Coast welcomes is impressive to say the least, and has caused thousands of jobs to be created, anywhere from a seasonal or contract position all of the way up to fulltime. These job opportunities are made up of jobs in almost every field, including: health care, administration, hotel management, culinary art, media, engineering, and security.  These job opportunities that have been created because of the outstanding climate of the Gold Coast have made a large impact on what houses in the Gold Coast are worth. All over the world, people are looking either for a job, or for a better job. Having lots of opportunities to offer residents jobs, as well as networking opportunities has led to an even higher demand for real estate along the Gold Coast. Cities and communities that do not have job opportunities such as these do not have the economy that it takes to support the population of a large city, and therefore do not have the demand that areas like the Gold Coast do. Because of the job opportunities, along with all of the other amenities that that Gold Coast offers residents, the demand for houses continues to grow, so too does what houses in the Gold Coast are worth.

The climate that a city or area is located in is often one of the least considered factors when looking at purchasing a new home, or when trying to find out what your home is worth. For homeowners in the Gold Coast, this is a factor that certainly should not be overlooked. With so many people envious of the wonderful and mild weather all year long, the demand for real estate in this area continues to grow, and grow, causing what houses in this area are worth to continue to grow right alongside.



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