What is My House Worth – Melbourne

When looking to find out what your home is worth, one of the most important things that you can look at is the diversity of both the neighbourhood that you live in, and the city, In the city of Melbourne, is home to over 4 million people, and in that there is a great deal of diversity. Diversity in residents backgrounds, religions, educations, and income. This diversity impacts what a house is worth because not only does it show a community that accepts different backgrounds and lifestyles, but it also signifies through the various jobs and income levels, that residents are able to grow economically, and are able to advance while living there.

Melbourne is residents of many backgrounds, while there are many who were born in Australia, other dominant backgrounds include: English, Indian, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, and Italian. Being home to residents from so many different backgrounds is a wonderful thing, and adds quite a bit to the culture, and educational opportunities that the city has to offer. Each of these benefits increases what a home in Melbourne is worth.

Similar to the diversity in residents backgrounds, the city of Melbourne is rich in diversity in terms of the Religions of it’s residents. Some of the most dominant Religions of residents of Melbourne are: Eastern Orthodox, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Sikhism. Having so many different Religions also means that the city of Melbourne is home to many places of worship, including a number of recognized Temples, and Cathedrals that have been recognized for their beauty and unique architecture. Having the opportunity to live in a city that welcomes so many different faiths, and celebrates them with such beautiful architecture is something that many people appreciate. Faith is something personal, and something that a lot of people put at the forefront of their lives. Houses in cities like Melbourne that have beautiful, and respected places of worship like this tend to do better on the market, because residents are able to celebrate that part of themselves so openly. Depending on it’s proximity to these places, having opportunities, and locations to do this, can increase what a house is worth.

Generally the better an education, the better the job, the better the job, the better the pay. Living in a city like Melbourne that is home to a plethora of globally recognized Universities,and nationally recognized high schools gives residents the opportunity to get a great education. That said, not all residents will attend University, or have lived in the city during their high school years. The city, although home to many residents of good educations, is also home to some that are not as well educated. The specific breakdown can often be seen by looking at specific neighbourhoods, with the more educated generally make more money and end up  living in larger, better kept homes. Cities such as this, allow people to see that they can increase their economic standing. Having the Universities locally means that it is easier for those accepted to attend in terms of financing, making increasing their education possible, and in time increasing their income. Being able to have these opportunities right in your own backyard is a big deal for a lot of people. Being able to attend University or to give your children the opportunity to attend while living at home, and saving money means a lot to parents. Having the ability to do this makes homes in Melbourne, and cities like it, desireable, and increases what homes in Melbourne are wroth.

What a home is worth is dependent on a lot of things, a huge one being the diversity that a city has. For a lot of people, diversity means acceptance, and the chance to live where there are more opportunities. For people looking to sell their home, it means that their home is worth that much more.



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