What is My House Worth – Newcastle

What your house is worth is something that all homeowners should consider. The city of Newcastle, like all major cities, is made up of a city core, where the majority of cultural events, festivals, business offices, and additional amenities are located, as well as more suburban areas that are often located further out. What a house is worth is very much determined by where exactly it is located within the city. In most cases, the further out from the city core you are, the less your house is worth.

The fact that houses that are further out are generally worth less often confuses people. This is because these houses are often made up of more square footage, and sit on larger lots. While these are both definite selling features, in most cases these houses are further out from the city, and do not provide residents with the amenities, that attracted them to the city in the first place. Houses that are closer to the city core, or actually located right downtown, are generally more compact, in many cases they are townhouse style, or apartment style condominium. These houses are beautiful, though in many cases because the downtown is generally the older area of the city, the houses tend to be older as well, this can be a huge attraction to many people who love the older look on the outside with an updated, and modern interior. What houses in this area of Newcastle are worth is much more than houses that are further out. Living closer to the main part of the city provides residents with employment opportunities, educational opportunities, cultural exhibitions and transit.

Living closer to the core of a major city such as Newcastle means that you are living closer to the hub of the action, and the industry. In most cases the downtown core is where the majority of employment opportunities are. Employment opportunities are perhaps the biggest factor for a lot of potential home buyers. No one wants to move to a city that does not have a strong, developed economy, that offers little to no employment potential. Without the opportunities for new, and better jobs, the city will fall stagnant, and not be able to develop the way that major cities ought to.

What houses are worth is also very dependent on the educational opportunities close by, living close to educational opportunities gives parents the option of sending their children to a school that they feel is right for their specific needs. Schools that are located downtown also tend to have strong ties to the community, and provide students with connections, and opportunities with businesses and events outside of the classroom. These outside of the classroom opportunities also provide students with the chance to take part in cultural events that are generally held downtown. These events can range from a religious festival to an art exhibit. The opportunity to take part in, volunteer at, or perhaps network with professionals in that field is in many ways incomparable.

In addition to the employment, educational, and cultural opportunities that come with living close to the core of the city, provides residents the opportunities to travel throughout the city for only a fraction of the cost that driving would cost. What houses are worth in Newcastle, and other major cities are very much reliant on the opportunities that the city offers, and the ways in which the city can make the lives of its residents easier. In many cases, home buyers understand what houses within the city are worth, and will pay more for houses because they are closer to the city and these opportunities and amenities than they would for a house further out towards the suburbs.



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