What is My House Worth? – Sunshine Coast

The infrastructure of a city or area is one of the undeniable factors that really impact what a house is worth. The infrastructure of the Sunshine Coast has become well known for the way it keeps the coast running. From the health care options provided to residents, to the public transit that has been providing residents a more environmentally friendly option for years what houses are worth in and along the Sunshine Coast have come to reflect the organization, and development that keeps everything running smoothly.

Health Care

The major hospital along the Sunshine Coast is Nambour Hospital, holding several hundred beds, this hospital has been recognized as providing residents of the Sunshine Coast with excellent care. In addition to Nambour Hospital, there are numerous smaller hospitals located in Maleny and Caloundra, however these hospitals have limited facilities. These limited facilities have left major cases to be sent to Nambour Hospital. Other private hospitals throughout the Sunshine Coast are: Caloundra Private Hospital, the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, the Kawana Private Hospital, and the Selangor Hospital. Having so many health care options is a great benefit to the residents of the Sunshine Coast, and has become something that many perspective buyers are impressed by. Because of this, what houses are worth have increased, reflecting the importance of health care in the home buying decision process.

Public Transit

The Sunshine Coast is unique in that it has public transit in multiple forms including ferry, bus, rail and an airport. These options are wonderful amenities and attractive qualities for many perspective buyers, providing them and already established residents of the Sunshine Coast the option of not necessarily having to drive into work every day, or in some cases, not even having to really own a car to get around. This can be a huge factor to people who are living on a tight budget, who just do not have enough to purchase and maintain a car. It is also a huge factor to people who are passionate about protecting the environment, providing them with the opportunity to use public transit as opposed to their own individual car. Similarly to how many people are beginning to realize that purchasing and paying a little bit more for a house that already has updated doors and windows will save them money in the long term, cities and areas like the Sunshine Coast, that have such a well-established public transit system in place will save in many cases save them money in the long term as well.

If you are wondering what your house is worth, take a look at your local infrastructure. This generally provides a decent idea as to how the city is running, and how it is catering to the needs of its residents. Having a strong health care system, and public transit system is great not only for the reasons described above, but also for the job opportunities that they bring to the Sunshine Coast. What houses are worth is very much impacted by these opportunities, and the better the health care and transit systems more people they involve and hire.

What houses are worth along the Sunshine Coast varies for a lot of reasons, but it is important to realize what factors make the largest impact. It does not matter where you live, or where you are looking the infrastructure of a city is going to be one of the largest factors. It keeps the city running, and overflows in to many other important factors such as education, the environment, and job opportunities.



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