What is my House Worth? – Sydney

When looking at what your house is worth, it is important to understand that where the house is located, and what cultural opportunities there are in that area make a huge impact. The city of Sydney for example, is home to tonnes of cultural events, festivals, and opportunities. From sports, to Theatre, to Music, and Education, the city is overflowing with opportunities to experience and learn new things. It is because of these wonderful amenities that the answer to what is my house worth increases the closer one lives to the city.

The city of Sydney is home to over 4 million people, and is considered one of the most popular vacation spots for millions more. With so many people to entertain, it is no wonder that the city is home to some of the most well known cultural events and locations in the world, including Sporting Events, Religious Places of Worship, the Arts, and Education.

In terms of Sporting Events, the city of Sydney is home to locations known worldwide for various sporting events including soccer, rugby, football, basketball, and ice hockey. The city regularly hosts large scale competitions, and tournaments. And in 2000 Sydney had the world watching as the city played host to the 2000 Summer Olympics. Living in a city that hosted the Olympics, for many, is something that they take great pride in. While this is not something that will impact what your home is worth greatly, the cities that have hosted the games are known globally, and are generally tourism hot-spots. This means that what your home is worth will be impacted by the opportunities the tourism brings.

The city has become known for it’s beautiful places of worship, catering to it’s ever growing population. Beautiful iconic churches such as St. Andrew’s, and St. Luke’s, have become known globally for their stunning architecture. The population of Sydney, is made up of many Religions, including: Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, and Islamic. Having such diverse Religions living in a city, as well as beautiful, and respected places of worship for all of them is something that makes the city of Sydney stand out among many others. For many, their faith is something that takes precedence over most aspects of their lives, so having these places is a drawing factor to many looking to live the urban lifestyle, in a place that respects their faith, thus increasing what houses are worth in the area.

Home to several well known locations, Sydney has become known for its ever growing arts scene. Locations like the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales, have put Sydney on the map for it’s love, and support of the arts, new artists, and artistic education.

Sydney is home to a multitude of post-secondary institutions. In fact,there are six Universities throughout the city of Sydney:  the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, the University of Western Sydney, and the Australian Catholic University. In addition, there are four Universities that have secondary campuses throughout the city as well. One of the benefits of living in a city with so many events, and opportunities, is the additional educational opportunities beyond the classroom.

The many opportunities that the city offers residents greatly impacts what homes are worth throughout the city. The more cultural events, festivals, and amenities that are available, the more a home in that area is worth. What houses are worth depends greatly on what living in that location can offer to potential home buyers.



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