What is My House Worth? – Toowoomba

When considering moving to a new city, or trying to determine what your house is worth, it is important to know about the educational opportunities that the city holds. Few things matter more to parents when trying to find the right home for their family than the opportunities that a city has to improve the quality of their children’s lives. The city of Toowoomba, also known as “The Garden City” as well the capital of the Darling Downs, is located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, about 125km (78 mi) west of the capital city of Queensland Brisbane. The city is home to over 115,000 residents and is in many ways a city that has become increasingly popular for its many educational institutions, gardens, and parks. The city of Toowoomba is home to a plethora of educational institutions, ranging from pre-kindergarten up to post-secondary and post-graduate educational institutions.

Primary Education

Toowoomba is home to over 15 primary schools that are run by the state, in addition to that the city is also home to over 10 independently run schools. Some of the most well-known include: Wyreema State School, Harlaxton State School, Darling Downs Christian School, Toowoomba South State School, Holy Name Catholic Primary School, St. Anthony’s Primary School Toowoomba, Toowoomba East State School, Middle Ridge State School, as well as Our Lady of Lourdes School, and Rockville State School.

Secondary Education

The city of Toowoomba is not just home to a multitude of elementary schools, the city is also home to approximately 5 state secondary schools, and over 10 religious or privately run institutions. Some of the more popular and well established, include:  Downlands College Independent Catholic Co-educational Day and Boarding School, St. Ursula’s College Independent Catholic Day and Boarding School for Girls, Clifford Par Special School, Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba State High School, as well as Christian Outreach College Christian Co-Educational School, Harristown State High School, and The Gleenie School – Anglican Day and Boarding School.

Tertiary Education

While the number of post-secondary institutions is not as impressive as the double digit amount of primary schools, the city of Toowoomba is home to several post-secondary institutions, including: TAFE Queensland South West, The University of Southern Queensland, Griffith University, and The University of Queensland.

What houses in the city of Toowoomba are worth has been greatly impacted by the number of primary schools located within the city. For parents few things are more important than being able to provide for their children, and sending them to a school that works for them individually is something that residents of Toowoomba have the opportunity to do, unlike residents of most other areas. It is the unique amount of educational institutions within the city of Toowoomba that has led to what houses in the city are worth to increase and get to where they are. The demand for real estate primarily for families as well as real estate investors who are looking to rent houses out to post-secondary students has caused this increase, and has also caused for the city to be considered one of the top cities for families within the Darling Downs Region. However, this plethora of educational opportunities has done more than just provided families with options as to where their children will study.

The amount of schools throughout the city of Toowoomba has also created a huge number of jobs. For every school opened there are jobs in education, administration, janitorial staff, health care, student assistance, security and more than need to be filled. Because of the amount of schools within the city the amount of job opportunities is wonderful and highly attractive to perspective home buyers.

Educational and employment opportunities are without a doubt two of the most influential factors when determining what a house is worth. Because of the sheer amount of opportunities within these factors that the city of Toowoomba is home to, has cause the demand for real estate in the city, and what houses are worth to increase greatly.



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